Feasibility Studies


We analyze and evaluate proposed projects to determine if they are technically feasible, feasible within the estimated cost, and if they will be profitable.

The study will determine whether the project should go ahead. 

Effective feasibility studies can do more than just help executives choose which projects to greenlight. Managers involved in a feasibility study can actually use much of the same data to shape the project planning process. 


Continuous Infection Reduction Program

We have different equipment manufactured with innovative technology for the control of infections being effective against viruses, bacteria, mold and other fungi.


Negotiations With Health Insurance Companies

We Negotiate Physician Reimbursement Rates.

Physicians who fail to negotiate with payers or gain a clear understanding of insurance contracts risk presenting a financial blow to their medical practice.

control of infections and pathogens

Consultation and advice

We offer cost reduction programs in the area of control of infections.

We provide hardware and software to continuously control infections and bacteriae.

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