Continuous Infection Reduction Program

Infection Prevention and Control Assurance

Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens are found in the air and lodge in surfaces. Many times we do not know that many of these pathogens are lethal and that we may live with them. MedTrust has the latest technology for infection control. A new infection control technology that continuously releases hydrogen peroxide molecules to the environment in a regulated way. It is the only hydrogen peroxide system that has a patent technology that does not produce ozone, being friendly to the environment. Unlike air purifiers that only circulate in a portion of a room, our hydrogen peroxide system is capable of disinfecting both the air and surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide molecules work by localizing positive and negative charges; they reach viruses and bacteria by electrostatic attraction.

We work with equipment of different sizes and scope. These include portable units, small room units, large room units, attachable to cooling units, walk in coolers, air ducts and commercial use.


We Care About Your Welfare


  • At MedTrust we take samples of the possible infected surfaces in any residence, hospital, office or establishment to analyze them in order to provide you with the best infection control equipment.


  • We assure you an indoor environment quality free of allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and odors.


Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air and any surface.

Releases molecules loaded with hydrogen peroxide to the environment.

Acts everywhere the air travels.

Destroys all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold.

It works by unloading microscopic molecules of hydrogen peroxide to find and destroy all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold even in places where human beings can not reach such as cracks and air ducts.

It has been approved by the federal agency for emergency management FEMA to rehabilitate and disinfect facilities. This technology is used in a safe and cost-effective way in the rehabilitation of hospitals, schools, care centers for children and the elderly. Also in hotels restaurants and buildings.

It has applications designed to protect humans from certain antibiotic-resistant infections without causing any harm to pets.

We believe in scientific evidence

The only technology in U.S. that kills the Candida Auris bacteria.

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. Candida auris has caused severe illness in hospitalized patients in several countries, including the United States. Patients can remain colonized with Candida auris for a long time and it can also persist on surfaces in healthcare environments. With a high level of resistance to standard anti-fungal treatments, Candida auris can result in high levels of mortality when systemic (i.e. within the bloodstream).

The hydrogen peroxide technology uses a sterilant which has been proven to be effective against Candida Auris when used proactively within a hospital environment. 

It has been proven to be effective in different scenarios.


Commercial Use

Home and Smaller Areas


Protect your loved ones

This technology is not just for commercial use. It is very beneficial to have it also at home and workspace. Eliminating different types of bacteria, fungi and mold helps maintain the places where you spend more time free of these pathogens, and keep you and your loved ones in a quality environment decreasing the chances of disease.



Single Room


Portable home


Large Room

We provide delivery and installation service.

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