Incentives, Exemptions & Grants

MedTrust, LLC has designed a program to guide our clients and speed up the application process for incentives, exemptions and grants. We advice doctors about the impact of the available incentives. We carry out the application procedures and represent our clients throughout the process, with minimal interruptions and without the doctor having to leave their practice.

Benefits of the Law of Incentives for the Retention and Return of Medical Professionals


Reduce from 33% to 4% the rate of contribution on eligible income.


100% exemption for dividends issued by medical service business (up to $250,000 per tax year).


Fixed rate of 4% for 15 years for those "qualified doctors" who obtain an Exemption Decree under this law.

The New Incentive Code - LEY 60-2019

Allows dentists to receive the incentives stipulated by Ley 14-2017.

dentist working

Student Loan Repayment

Now doctors and dentists qualify for student loan repayment. The government of Puerto Rico will pay up to $65,000 in 7 annual installments to those doctors who decide to stay living on the island.

Who Qualifies?

  • Specialists and Surgeons
  • Medical Residents
  • Dentists
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